The future of airborne communications

The Optelity product family of products embodies the software-defined cabin and the future of airborne communications for business jet owners, operators, passengers and crew.

A communications platform

The Optelity family of systems is a communications platform, designed to work seamlessly with passenger devices—current and future—and the TrueNorth Stylus handset. The family is comprised of a number of onboard connectivity components, including the Optelity Cabin Gateway and the Optelity Hot Spot.  

Advanced processors, small footprint, lightweight and flexible

Optelity systems feature advanced processing power, for the high performance expected by aircraft owners and operators. It is lightweight with a small footprint for ease of installation, and has the same flexibility already built into the company’s current systems.

Optelity Cabin Gateway: A fit or every need and style

A single configurable unit allows purchasers to tailor the system to fit specific requirements. Features range from simple voice capabilities to full-on office capabilities—including popular telephony applications, 3G mobile communications services, and Wi-Fi. The single LRU is offered in several variations: Optelity Wi-Fi, Optelity Talk and Optelity Pro.

The Optelity system's small footprint and solution range means more aircraft owners can benefit from inflight connectivity, including light- to medium-jets.

Ownership just became a little more comfortable with the Optelity Care Support Membership.

The Optelity Care Support Membership is better than a warranty, it offers exclusive benefits. Membership means most hardware and software upgrades are covered, so maintenance costs are predictable. Optelity Care support will help keep connectivity uptime at an all time highno costly surprisesand your system will always keep-up with the latest mobile devices.

For more information on the Optelity connectivity family, contact your friendly TrueNorth Account Manager

Select Specifications

Optelity Cabin Gateway

  • Two channels of Iridium voice
  • Integrated PBX and Router
  • Aviation certified Wi-Fi
  • VoIP support
  • Conforms to ARINC 600 2MCU form factor
  • Compatible with: smartphones, laptops, tablets & phablets
    TrueNorth Stylus Handsets, Classic Ethernet Handsets
    My Stylus App

Optelity Hot Spot

  • Business aviation's smallest, lightest, fastest Wi-Fi hot spot and router
  • Comes with integrated antenna and alternative antenna
  • Lets crew connect to EFB and passengers to phones & other Wi-Fi devices
  • Supports embedded apps
  • Aviation certified